Sunday, July 20, 2008

My story.... being written by a great big God who loves me very much!
This brings two things to mind...
"I'm a small part of a big story about a big God who is my Father with infinite love and a burning love for all the world to see"
That's part of the promotional video for Camp Kidjam for our kiddos in XKidx City. It's so cool that we are a part of this whole big story that God has planned out. We don't know what that plan is, but God does.
"Forever...You are the God of my story...write every line for Your glory"
This is part of a song (one of my new favorites) called "Breathe on Me" by Todd Fields. Love this song. God is the God of my story. And I want my life to show His glory. I love this song, and I love this line from it. Before this line it also says, "Forever...You are my reason for living, merciful Savior, unending...Breathe on me" And God is my reason for living - I want to live for Him, share Him, make Him proud.
I've been spending a lot of time lately thinking about God's plan for my life story. And I have no idea what it is. Some days, like I said, that's frustrating. I want to know the plans He has for me, I want to know what's in store, I want to know what my future holds. I like to know what's going on, I like to be in control of things. And I can sit and plan my life as much as I want to - but it doesn't matter because God has the perfect plan for me. When I get past my frustration and past my desire to control things, I get excited. I mean, my God loves me so much that He made a plan for me before I was even born. And my God loves me so much that He wants the absolute best for me - so He's gonna have some pretty great things planned for me!
We just finished a series at church last week called "Intersect." It was a wonderful series!! It was all about how we, as Christians, can intersect with God and truly experience Him.
In the first week, we learned that "when our faith intersects with God's faithfulness, we come to know God." We know God wants us to do something. But sometimes we don't understand why He wants us to. We question God. We wonder, we fret, we worry. But God wants us to step out on faith and follow Him and just trust that He knows what He's doing. When we take that step of faith, we experience God in ways we never thought possible.
In the second week, we learned that when we step out on that faith, we sometimes have to wait. "Waiting on God forces me to either give in to God or give up on God." We pray and we ask God something. And sometimes it seems like forever before we get an answer from God. The wait is a gift. That is when we learn about God and we learn about ourselves. If we wait, eventually we get the chance to give in to God and what He wants to do in our lives. We give in to God and fully trust Him with the situation that life has brought our way.
In the final week, we learned that "the will of God is always accompanied by the resources of God." So many times God calls us to do something and we give Him excuses about why we can't. But if God calls us to do something, He's going to give us the resources, the guidance, and the wisdom we need to carry it out.
Now, Matt and Justin did a much better job presenting it than I just did - but those are the basics. God has a plan, He calls us to His plan, we step out on faith, we wait on God, we learn, and He gives us what we need to live the plan He has called us to live.
That series was very refreshing to me. God's got a plan for my life. He's gonna do great things. I just have to trust, have faith, and follow Him. He'll take care of the rest.
Be blessed!

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