Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's been quite a while...

...since I last updated this thing!!

Gosh! A lot has happened since July....

The school year is back in full swing. We've just about completed the first nine weeks. And they've been great!! I have a wonderful class of thirteen students this year! They are so sweet and such hard little workers!

Here are some pictures of my classroom from Open House. It looks a little different now - the walls have student work on them now and lots of charts we've made to help us remember all the new things we've learned, but basically it's the same.

My bulletin board - Miss Holder's Little Learning Ladybugs

My room...
Reading Corner
Another of the room...
Word Wall (which is now full of all the new words we've learned...)

So the school year has been off to a wonderful start!! Lots of learning going on in Miss Holder's room!!

Let's see...what else has happened? Well, Phillip and I turned 26 back in September. How in the world we got to be 26, I'll never know!!!
Happy Birthday to the twins!!

Not only have Phillip and I gotten a year older, Bethany is now 13!!!!! That's what really blows my mind! How in the world is it possible for that child to already be 13??? Time sure does fly! No pictures yet of Bethie's special day - they are still on Daddy's computer.

I'm also now officially halfway done with my specialist degree. I have 6 classes left and if all goes as planned, I will finish up in May!! Hooray!! Then I plan on being done with school forever (although friends tell me that in less than a year I'll probably go back for my doctorate. I disagree, but I guess only time will tell).

Over the past few months, I've also seen more and more how truly amazing God is. He has completely blessed me beyond measure - each and every day I discover a new blessing!! I have a wonderful family! I work in an amazing school with fantastic people! I belong to a church that is simply awesome and I work in the children's ministry there - and words can't describe how neat that is! I have great friends! Life is just good!

So I think that's pretty much it since July. Maybe I'll get better at updating this thing, I guess we'll see!!